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About Us

Coin Algo Ltd is an UK registered fund management company. Located in the heart of London financial hub, we specialize in applying machine learning principles to Bitcoin trading.

Founded by a group of seasoned wall street hedge fund traders. Our system Coin Algo is an award winning system, capitalizes on huge volatility of crypto assets. Trading modules connected to exchanges around the globe. Placing orders at milli second. Small but consistent profits are generated 24 hours day. It is a long/short fund, meaning it is able to profit in both rising and falling markets.

Our goal is to provide a stable platform for crypto users to earn stable returns. On top of high performance trading module, there's a world class risk management system in place to limit market risk. Our ethos "Consistent profit with minimal risk!". Join us and double your investment in just 24 hours!

Global presence
We accept investments from
anywhere in the world
Fast support
We'll respond your request within 24
Easy to invest
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deposit is ready
Highest security level
We use cold storages and advance
anti-DDoS system
Investment Plans
72 hours
1.47% hourly
for 72 hours
Min : $10
Max : $2000
ROI 105%
48 hours
2.6% hourly
for 48 hours
Min : $100
Max : $2000
ROI 125%
24 hours
10.4% hourly
for 24 hours
Min : $500
Max : $50000
ROI 250%
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